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Print Options


A print base or commonly referred to as substrate is the material that your artwork is printed directly onto.
Whilst white (standard) is our most common base to print on, we do have other alternatives in order to really make your new kit stand out from the crowd.

Print Options - White Base

White (Standard)

Ultracurve® X1 is the industry-leading print media for motocross and powersport applications.

Developed alongside the World’s fastest racers, Ultracurve® X1 offers ultra-aggressive adhesion to low surface energy plastics. FLO Technology eliminates bubbles, and dramatically reduces installation times.

Print Options - Silver Chrome Base

Silver Chrome

Silver Chrome utilises the same air-release and adhesive properties of our standard print media, but turns nearly all colours printed onto it a metallic chrome!

Lighter colours become the most metallic, where darker colours, all the way down to black become less metallic.

Print Options - Holographic Chrome Base

Holographic Chrome

Holographic chrome works the same as our silver chrome, except the base itself changes colour in the sun like a Chameleon!

This is a sure way to make any kit stand out from anything else on the track or trail!


Laminates are the icing on the cake for your new graphics kit.  With a choice of matte laminate,
gloss laminate or our newest addition of galactic laminate, your kit is sure to look crisp on the track or trails.

Print Options - Gloss Laminate

Gloss Laminate

This is our standard finish laminate which gives a high end glossy shine to your graphics.

Gloss Laminate looks great on all graphics kits, it especially suits more factory looking, or race inspired design styles.

Print Options - Matte Laminate

Matte Laminate

Just as durable and thick as our Gloss laminate. Our Matte laminate offers a satin look and is a great option to set off blacked out, or more stealthy style designs. 

Print Options - Galactic Laminate

Galactic Laminatee

Just as durable and thick as our Gloss and Matte finish laminates. Our Galactic laminate offers a Unique Sparkle / Glitter finish to compliment any design.

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