How long will it take for me to get my graphics?

Once we have your written approval to print your graphics, allow 3-4 days for us to print, laminate, cut and send your kit. This allows us to keep quality of what we send out where it should be!

We’ll email you a tracking number once  your order has been completed and dispatched, so keep an eye on the mail once we’ve sent you confirmation your order has been sent. Usually your order will arrive next day or within 1-3 days if you’ve selected Express Postage. Please note that the Free Shipping option is not Express but is still a tracked parcel. You can track your parcel once it’s been dispatched using your tracking number on the Australia Post website.

If your graphics are being picked up from our store we’ll contact you via email to let you know they’re ready to collect.

Please keep in mind, all of our graphics are made to order which means turn around times from start to finish do vary depending on the amount of orders we have to design and print. Usual turn around is between 1-2 weeks from when your order is placed, however during busy periods this may be longer. If you need your graphics by a certain date, please email our team of give us a quick buzz – that way we can advise of approximate turn around times before you place your order.

How long will it be before I receive a design proof?

Generally, we will have your design proofed and emailed to you for approval within 2-5 business days of your order being placed, however this is subject to workload. During busy periods turn around time on design proofs may be slightly longer. For this reason, we do recommend being a organised and ordering in advance before you abolutely NEED your graphics.

Please keep in mind we ride bikes too, so we’re not working over the weekends or public holidays – we’re out livin’!

How long will my graphics last?

Our graphics are produced using purpose made Hi-Tack material to stick to moto plastics and hold up against the rough treatment racing motocross throws at them.

Our graphics have been tested on our own bikes, and those of our customers and sponsored riders and we often find riders get a whole race season out of our kits, we’ve even had some last over 2 years and still look great.
However, things like riding conditions, how often you ride, how well you care for your bike and personal riding style will always be factors in how long any graphics last.

A key factor in ensuring your graphics last is by making sure you take care in preparing your plastics correctly and installing with care when you go to fit your graphics – please refer to the fitment guide we send out with every kit or read below our tips to apply your new graphics.

I don’t see any designs for my model bike, can you still make a graphics kit for my bike?

Of course! All of our designs are 3D rendered and shown on the latest model bikes, however we can make any one of these designs to suit all bike sizes from 50cc – 450cc in any year model from 2000 and up!

Can you design my graphics before I’ve place an order?

No sorry, to begin working on designing your graphics we require an order to be placed with payment made. This helps us get your graphics done faster by weeding out those who aren’t serious.

What logos can have printed on my graphics?

When ordering simply list any logos you may want to include in the customisation of your design. We have most industry logos on file to use eg. Dunlop, FMF, Alpinestar. Fox etc.

Any other business logos, or bike shop logos can also be added by simply attaching these when you place your order.

Unfortunately, due to strict copyright laws there are a small number of logos we can’t print such as energy drink logos (Red Bull etc.)

Can I add a personal or business logo to my graphics?

Yep, no worries! If you’d like to add your business logo or personal logos to your kit, simply attach a copy of your logo in the “Additional Logos Upload” section of the order form when making your purchase.
Make sure your logo is a vector pdf. ai. or eps. format as these work best for designing and printing graphics. If you cannot supply your logo in these formats you may send through any other copies you have and we’ll do our best to include it! If the artwork isn’t up to scratch we will type the logo in a similar font style.

What’s the best way to apply my new kit?

When you order any graphics, we’ll send you a set of instructions which outline the best method to applying your graphics.
If you have not received or have lost this print out, please contact us and we’ll happily re send this to you via email.


Here are some hot tips to applying your new kit!

  • We recommend starting with new plastics for ease, however this isn’t totally necessary. As long as your plastics are in good condition with no major gouges or cracks you won’t have any dramas!
  • Ensure your plastics are CLEAN! Even brand new plastics require cleaning before installing any graphics. We recommend cleaning down your plastics with Isoprophyl alcohol and a new cloth to remove any oily residue or coatings on the surface. You can also purchase our plastics cleaner or install kit to prepare your plastics with.
  • Once your plastics have been thoroughly cleaned you can start by lining up your decals for installation. We recommend starting with the easier / flatter plastics first so you can get a feel for the vinyl before making your way to the larger or more curved pieces.
  • Line up all of the edges and holes on the decal first to ensure you are applying the correct decal to each plastic.
  • Tear back a strip of backing paper approx. 25mm down the centre of the decal. Use the exposed adhesive to stick the decal into the correct placement and secure the graphic. The benefit of using this method is that you are only needing to deal with a small amount of adhesive while getting the decal positioned. Once positioned, remove the remaining backing paper and apply the rest of the decal, working from the centre outward. If you get any bubbles, don’t stress! You can peel back the decal to release the trapped air. This is a great feature of our material.
  • Use a heat gun or hair dryer to warm the decals when required to soften the film allowing for the graphic to conform to more curved panels.
  • Repeat this process on all pieces until you’re all finished!
  • Once all pieces have been applied – finish by going over your graphics with a light-moderate amount of heat from your heat gun or hair dryer and make sure all edges are pushed down firmly to seal the decals.
  • With a razor blade, trim off any edges of the decals which may be overhanging to ensure they are secure and are not prone to catching edges and lifting.
  • We recommend you leave your graphics for 48 hours prior to installing before riding. This allows the adhesive time to make a secure bond with your plastics – which will result in you getting the best life out of your new graphics.
  • Finally, take some wicked photos of your bike and send them to us! We love seeing the end result of our kits on our customers bikes! You can send photos directly to info@proimagemx.com.au or tag us on social media!


Can you sponsor me?

We do sponsor a small number of riders each year – these are usually those customer of ours we love dealing who’ve been repeat customers before. We like helping those who help us!

Feel free to email us your race resume if you’re looking for sponsorship and let us know how you’d like to help us help you.

We know everyone loves a spono – however we can’t help everyone so if we say no, don’t take it personally!

Can I call up and approve my artwork?

Unfortunately no. We require all approval of your design to be written in an email – all you gotta write is “approved, please proceed with printing” – Easy as!


In Regard to Artwork Approvals – If we cannot make contact with you.

Upon the completion of your design we will email you through a design proof for your graphics order – so that you can confirm and approve artwork for printing or request any changes you might need. In the event that we do not hear back from you we will contact you via follow up email, phone call and text message to notify you that we need your action to proceed with printing your kit or making any changes to the design. In the unlikely event that we cannot make contact with you via email / phone and text message after 30 days of emailing your proof through, and we exhaust all options  for contact, we reserve the right to print the artwork as initally proofed by us and send your order to you. Any changes after this period are the responsiblity and cost of the customer.


I want a full custom kit, can I come in and sit with you while we design it?

Unfortunately, this is not something we can do. Due to the busy nature of our business and needing to attend to other customers design work, phone calls and walk ins we cannot design kits while you wait. Our designers will create your custom concept based on your design brief, and if any changes are needed just let us know what they are and we’ll make them and send through your design changes via email until you’re happy to proceed with production of your graphics.


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